Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year

It has now gotten officially cold here. Teens and 20's. And, it snowed yesterday while I was driving home from Mom and Dad's. Real snow, white-out type stuff. Of course, it didn't stick, and was over in 5 minutes or so, but still... The heat pump is running almost constantly, and house is chilly. Then again, I've never bothered to really worry about filling gaps in doors and windows and such. We just didn't get that much cold weather last year. The housemate fixed the front door, attaching the frame around the door so that daylight isn't visible around the entire door.

I have 3 work days now to get ready for the fielding. I'm feeling stressed now. Maybe I'll calm down when I get to work and actually start doing things. I've started talking more about selling the house, and even mentioned to Mom and Dad a remote possibility that I might apply to go down range. Down range is army-speak for Iraq/Afghanistan. We have openings for people to support this software over there. Not sure anyone would be interested in hiring me for that, but it's an interesting thing to ponder. The pay is good, too.

As folks are in the final stages of getting ready to start their AT hikes this year I am feeling depressed again. This happened last year. I just need to funnel that into movement on what needs to be done here for it to be me heading out. Theoretically, if this contract ends next fall I could end up being free to hike next year. Or not. The countdown timer says 782 days.

I need to take loads of stuff to Goodwill, trash, and recycle. I have made the piles, I just need to get them out of the house. Then, a good cleaning while I pack next weekend and I'll have the house ready to leave again for 3 weeks. Housemate was here this weekend and took the opportunity to really clean and organize his room. Makes the rest of the house look messy by comparison.

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