Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowy Saturday

It's a day off in my motel room in Atlanta. I should/could go out, it's not really that bad. I did walk over to the lobby building and get some coffee a minute ago. The nice Hispanic lady who cleans my room, after making sure that the 'privacy' tab in my lock really meant that I didn't want service today (except more coffee), looked at my jacket and said 'not good outside, did you look outside?' I assured her I was just in search of coffee, not heading far. It's kinda good to be a regular. The other nice lady who takes care of breakfast here helped me find some coffee among the empty thermos dispensers and apologized for the lack of attention to them before I got there. I said that I'd gotten my large cup filled and was fine. She then pulled out some leftovers from the breakfast that I hadn't come down for and sent me away with a plate of bacon, hashbrowns and raisen bread. Again, it's good to be a regular and even more reason to be nice to the folks at the hotel.

I could be out hiking this weekend. Or, I could be at the hiking get together that is going on at the NOC. I'm doing neither. Today I'm rested enough to think about doing something, but last night it was just too much to think about. The snow coming down is a lot for this area, so I'm not really in any hurry to head out into Atlanta traffic to go anywhere around here. Tomorrow I'll go over to the area around the AT and play some, maybe even hike. This is a 3 day weekend, so I have time still to do something.

The job is not going too well. The actual work is going fine. Getting along with the other IT guy is not going well at all. He is a retired cop. He told me this week that 30 years of being shot at and called all kinds of names as a cop, he'd never been diss'd the way I'd been diss'ing him on this fielding. Hmmm. I'm diss'ing him by not asking for his help much at all. I'm not asking for his help much because, well, I kinda already know what I'm doing. The first time he blew up at me, he was trying to tell me how to do something that I'd already decided to do a different way. He got mad. I got written up. My main job, apparently, is to just stand there looking dumb (but cute, which is difficult at this point in my life) while the men shake their heads and rescue me from whatever and then laugh to themselves about how did I ever get this job (but they all KNOW of course... snicker...). That they would enjoy. This chick who actually wants to just do her job is an affront to them. I don't ask for help! Write up! Well, I can live on unemployment, I've done so several times. I'm not looking forward to going back into the office and playing this out to the end since one thing retired Army guys know how to do is chew some ass and be arrogant and insulting. Must be something in the retirement papers, cause the active guys (the 'green suits' in our jargon) are all really nice.

764 days on the hike countdown meter.

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