Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Catch up

I am alive, and well even. Just a bit mute. I'll catch up what I've been up to in a minute. I have many blogs bookmarked, and wander through them regularly. One that wasn't updated for almost a year has started having entries again: He is apparently a faculty member at some British university, and is really funny. He pokes much fun at stuffy protocol. I wonder if much of his entries are things that truly happen. He seems like he'd be fun to work with.

Let's see... I did go over to Mountain Crossings the Sunday of my three day weekend in GA. I got a new shirt, and met Survivor Dave there. He's a poster who is going on his thru-hike of the AT this year. I checked out some gear that I have read about but never actually have seen and touched. Mostly I didn't see anything that is nicer than the gear that I already have. I went to Amacalola (damnit, can't spell it right at the moment) State Park and got some maps at the Visitor Center. That reminds me, I need to put the one of the entire AT up on a wall somewhere around here. I then had dinner at the lodge. It was right chilly that day, so I didn't actually hike. I stopped at the WalMart in Dalonaga (it's not spelled right, either, I don't think...), and found some really nice ripstop material in a coppery brown color in the $1/yard bin. Not sure if it's nylon or polyester. Since I'm going to make a double bottomed hammock it doesn't really matter, it will be strong enough for that. I ended up getting about 30 yards of it.

The fielding was called a success. I've had both the evaluation with all concerned on the fielding, and my first official (as opposed to my initial) evaluation. I'm not getting standing ovations, but I do still have a job. I wouldn't have bet folding money on getting that far at any time during the past 4 months.

Had dinner with Nancye and Bill at Olive Garden last Friday night. It was nice to just sit and talk with friends while eating real food. Considering that I lived on pretty much fast food during th fielding, and that I seldom cook at home, Olive Garden qualifies as real food in my life. I have been a bit under the weather since I got back from GA, so today I bought some vitamins and some packets of Emergen-C to see if that will help. I am shopping for a Total Gym, which is a bench that uses your weight for resistance instead of using weights. I don't want to pay for another gym membership, especially since I'm traveling so much and they usually have workout rooms at the hotels. I need to do something as I can feel my muscle mass (what little I have) starting to melt away. Of course, it would help if I actually went out and did some hiking...

So, that's what's news around here.

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