Monday, February 11, 2008

Out of Shape

The trail yesterday kicked my butt. I carried my REI Venus pack, and had most of my things in it. I didn't have but one water bottle, and only snacks for food. So, I'd be carrying maybe 10 more pounds given what I had with me to be able to hike long distance. My legs felt it. That is the good part, my pack transferred the weight to my hips, so my back and shoulders were ok. My layers worked. It was windy and chilly, maybe low 40's with a very chilly wind. Sometimes I was a tad warm, but not enough to take off a layer. Sometimes I was a tad chilly, but not enough to put on my rain gear to stop more of the wind. The Marmot windshirt worked very well. All in all, a good learning day. I also found more pockets on my pack that I didn't realize were there. And, that I need to be more careful about packing things in there in a balanced way so they carry well.

I was a tired, sore kid when I got home. Immediately took a nap. Next Saturday there is a Whiteblaze dinner down south of town, and a hike at Radner park beforehand. I'm going to try to go, but I won't carry such a heavy pack. I really needed to know the things I learned yesterday, but I need to just hike to get my legs into better shape before I carry so much weight.

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