Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to Normal

I'm sitting at a Jeep dealership waiting while they do the first oil change on my new ride. Almost 6K miles. Actually, the past few months are probably the least I've driven a vehicle in many years. Just so much else going on. I made an early appointment, 8am, to get myself going on a rainy Saturday. How did I know it would be raining? It's the South Sound area... sigh...

I had planned to go to Mt. Rainer today but they are showing a major snow storm up there. Again. They say 8-22". Snow in the Olympics, too, so a detour to there is out. I may run up to Seattle to REI instead. I am ready to get out and about.

I think that most of the emergencies are under control now. My Dad is in a nursing home, and Mom had the appointment to see how much money they would let her keep. Turns out that it will be manageable. Not great, but manageable. Dad has stabilized. Again. At least he's not in pain, and mostly his mind is ok. He may make it to his 90th birthday in June after all.

I hate to use dealerships to work on my trucks, but to keep the lifetime warranty on the drive train I almost need to come here. They obviously aren't quick. Oh, well, it's a rainy Saturday anyway.

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