Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Out of nowhere this morning I noticed that my right ear felt stopped up when I got out of the shower. I couldn't find my Q-tips since I cleaned and put everything away last weekend. I went to work and felt worse as the day wore on. At lunch I notified the boss that I was heading home. Drank some Emergen-C, cleaned the ear out with hydrogen peroxide and a Q-tip and slept for 3 hours with the ear pointing down. This evening I've had left over Mexican food, more Emergen-C, and have done nothing but sit round. So far I feel better in general, and the ear doesn't feel quite as stopped up. I don't want to get sick since this weekend I want to head out and explore the area finally.

Started studying for my Security+ test, again. That is my next big goal, to pass that. I want to start doing yoga again, too. I have some DVD's to play with until I decide that I will actually get some good out of going to an actual yoga class again. As always, getting out and actually HIKING is a goal. No reason I can't work on all of these over the next few days. Assuming I'm not really coming down with something that has me confined to bed tomorrow...

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