Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hiking in the Olympics

I have gotten out some and hiked. These pictures are from my trip last weekend.

I drove out to Ozette Lake and did part of the triangle loop that goes from the ranger station at the lake out to the coast. On the way I took this picture of Clallam Bay. The area around here is nice.

I got to the trailhead late, about 3pm. It stays light till after 8:30, so I had plenty of time. I decided that I wasn't ready to camp out on the beach alone, so I set up camp in the campground at the ranger station (no trees, had to use my tent). Then I headed out toward the coast. I took the right hand trail this time. Next time I'll head left, out to where the ranger says there are trees to hang my hammock and camp. No more tents.

I had envisioned a nice, flat walk on the boardwalk for 3 miles out to the coast. However, it was more like 3 miles of steps up and down the small hills between the lake and the ocean. No great elevation changes at any one time, but the sum total of the 3 miles out and back really nailed my legs. Every muscle hurt when I was finally done.

And so, my first real look at the Pacific Ocean. I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge many years ago, but this was my first look at the coastline. It was worth the walk. Next time I will go prepared to do the entire triangle trail, which also includes 3 miles of beach walking between the two boardwalk sections out and back.

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