Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, May 03, 2009

This is just a test...

I'm going to try to learn how to sprinkle pictures in my postings without overwhelming the text. Please bear with me.


This is a picture I took the weekend I hiked the approach trail to the AT a couple of years ago.


It is a generic enough picture that I can play with it.


Ok, so now I see what it looks like...

edit: ok, so how do I move it to the right? I know center make it, err, centered, and no positioning bracket says to the right. I think I'm supposed to already know this stuff rather than relying on Photobucket to hand feed it to me. sigh.

edited again: The Photobucket method takes users to my album on Photobucket. I want to just post the picture as a thumbnail. Yes, it's hosted on Photobucket, but I don't want to actually take people there. Guess I'll actually have to look up the correct image tag syntax. Geez...

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