Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Today is the first day I have been too warm.  The East is having a heat wave with 100+ degree days.  Here, today was the first day that I peeled out of my fleece upon getting to work.  I wouldn't have needed it at all, even with my short sleeve top, but I did need it yesterday with a long sleeve top, so it was habit.  I was too cold for part of the past weekend, even with the fleece, outside.  Also, there is a bright orb in the sky that looks only vaguely familiar.  Maybe summer (all few days of it?) is finally here in the PNW.

This past weekend I drove over to Mount St. Helens.  It was cloudy so I only saw the middle part of the mountain.  I was going to post a picture, but that's why I haven't written about the trip, waiting to get around to posting the picture.  Maybe I'll post it this next weekend...  I found a restaurant on the road to Mount St. Helens that advertised via a large sign that they have home made cobbler.  I stopped and had some soup, then had some strawberry rhubarb cobbler.  It was awesome.  Almost worth the 75 mile drive down to the place just for the cobbler.  If you drive 505 to 504 you can't miss the place.  That was the highlight of the trip.  I may go back and see the mountain on a clear day, now that we may actually a few.  It was 50 degrees and windy at 4000' where the visitor center is.  It cost $8 to actually hang out there, and since it was cold, windy, and cloudy I didn't pay money to see what I could see from the roadside pullouts.  Again, maybe next time.

No progress on the job hunting.  No progress on studying.  That's pretty much it.

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