Four Peaks in snow

Friday, July 16, 2010

Title Goes Here

Can't think of even a boring title today.  Odd week.  Tuesday was a day of change for many around me, some good, several not so good.  My partner at work got a call that a teenage niece who has been living with my partner's Mom had been in a bad accident.  So, she ended up heading to the other side of the state to be with her family.  Mom my moved Tuesday.  I reported that they loaded up the big truck and headed off.  They got to Kansas City around 1am, slept a few hours and went and unloaded the truck into Mom's new apartment.  As of tonight she is mostly unpacked and moved in.  Signs she's back home:  While out running errands she saw a storm approaching, and that my Aunt had laundry hanging to dry outside.  My Aunt was at work down the street at the library.  So, Mom stopped and grabbed the laundry and put it in her car, then went down to assure her sister that despite what neighbors might call and say, her clothes hadn't actually been abducted.  After the hard rain shower Mom went back and gave my Aunt her now dry laundry.  In unpacking her freezer items some frozen peaches got thawed, and since Mom didn't want to take the time to do anything with them she took them (again, just down the street) to a family friend and former neighbor of hers who was going to make them into a cobbler to take to the senior center.  Mom's home.

Another not so good thing that happened Tuesday was my friend Turtle Lady's son was injured and had to have emergency surgery.  TL and her husband are across the state from their home, camped out near the hospital as the rest of the family gathers around.  Prayers and good thoughts for the family are solicited as they have some long-term issues to work through helping their adult son through this.

More went on this week, but I'll post more on that tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like it is raining accordions... Duck and cover.

  2. This sounds like a day in my moms life, but hey-it keeps them feeling useful and alive.