Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm at Mom's in Kansas City.  I've done lots of driving, visiting, and going to the casinos.  I got in on Thursday evening, and I go back on Tuesday.  I'll write more details later.  I took a Honduran bus from the town where I live to the city the airport is in, a 3 hour ride.  But, it was $3.50 one way rather than the $265 for both trips that a taxi would cost.  Both Mom and the casinos are happy I'm here.  I did discover that a regular copy of a key won't start my Jeep, I need one of the original ones.  My uncle had to go back and get it from storage the next morning and drive it to Mom's since when we stopped on the way from the airport the night I got in I just couldn't start it.  Durn modern electronic things.  My Uncle had the only original key to the Jeep that I currently know where it is.  I'm thinking I took the other one to Honduras and forgot to bring it back.  Oh, well.


  1. Thanks for checking in, we were beginning to worry bout you

  2. Do you have to learn English all over again?