Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Can't come up with a subject.  This isn't the second part of the trip, unless I wander into a story or two from it.  While I was at Mom's I tried out her mini washer.  It's something called a Wonder Washer  (forgive the ugly links, I'm not high speed with it like Ben is).  It looks like something just to sell on TV (that's the 'brand') but for someone who only has a few things to wash it has it's advantages.  It will do a day's laundry for me or Mom.  Then she also had a spinner to spin the water out  , and this is what makes the deal work.  By spinning all the water out the clothes take very little time to dry hanging on a drying rack.  Even a pair of my heavy jeans dried just fine overnight.  So, I ordered a set today.  I have to have them shipped to Mom's, then she will have to ship them to me.  If they make it though Honduran customs without being stolen, I'll be able to do my laundry here in the apartment without going up and down 3 steep flights of steps.  There are other, more automatic versions of this, but weight and ability to pick them up and move them around are some of the key points this setup gives.  For Mom, being able to move them easily is key since she doesn't have any place in her small apartment to let them sit out, so they live in her closet between uses.  For me, being able to ship them around to wherever I am will be the big plus.

I'm slowly waking up.  I didn't sleep a lot while at Mom's.  I've paid for it since I've been back.  That and the fact that I napped on the plane and bus trip home had my back and legs sore from being curled up so much.  I am inspired to clean here, and to sort and get rid of/send back as much as I can to get mobile.  I'll see how much of that gets put into practice in the next few weeks.

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  1. I've heard good things about those washer thingies as long as you don't over load them they work fine. FROM what I have heard anyway. Good luck with it.