Thursday, March 03, 2011


The field across the street was used by a noisy circus, and a then a few weeks later less noisy circus.  This week it has had a very loud revival going on.  Lots of music (electrically amplified).  Some yelling.  Last night the speaker spoke English that was translated into Spanish by a female speaker.  He would say a phrase, she would translate, he would speak, she would speak.  I finally fell asleep.  I did think it would be a tad difficult to get the momentum up that one (well, that I...) expects of an Evangelist in full steam when every phrase had to be translated inbetween.  I didn't stay awake to see if that happened.  I found that, unlike the music played upstairs here at the hotel that vibrates through the walls, the speaker could be blocked with ear plugs.  Unfortunately, last night I couldn't find where I'd put them when I took them out the night before.  The pillow worked.  They finish around 10pm, so it's not too bad.

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