Monday, May 23, 2011


I mentioned the tomato that killed 89 to my co-worker when he walked in and he replied "I saw that movie"...


  1. Watch out for those tomatoes Paula... I expect down where you're at... they can grow 'em even bigger! :)

    Saw your post of a few days ago... talking about feeling like you're struggling through molasses sometimes... I know the feeling... from broken fuel pumps, blown tires, bad weather, to computer viruses and People Sickness they can't diagnose... this that and the other, it sometimes feels like a fella is trying to climb a hill on ice... falling back with every struggling step forward...

    maybe the answer is to just slide on down to the bottom... and find a way... around... the hill rather then trying to climb over? :)

    I've not yet gotten anywhere near expert at conquering the frustration... about the only thing that seems to work for me is forcing the "Frustrations" out of my head and deliberately focusing only on those things that are critical... Eating, sleeping, doing the laundry :) ... paying the bills I can :) and making SURE... that something for pleasure is kept in the mix as part of the "Critical" jobs :)

    'Course... some might just call this; Living in Denial! :)

  2. Yep, I'm working on the laundry, ironing, and making my hotel suite be the orderly, simple place I keep saying I want (if I could just get rid of all this stuff!). The dental work is a big thing, pretty much every tooth needs something done, so I tell myself that I'm actually moving forward, it just seems like I'm going backwards. Especially since the dental work is putting the debt repayment behind. But, to get another job outside the US I will need to pass a physical, and with my broken tooth I wouldn't have.

    Hope everyone feels better soon. I can't exactly feel badly for you sitting in your RV with rain. Sounds wonderful to me. Maybe not so much with a sick wife, though. :)