Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bobbing back up

Nothing bad is happening.  Sometimes it just seems like my desired future is fading into the mists faster than I can make progress in that direction.  This week has felt that way.  I went to the dentist here yesterday.  I need a root canal, and they didn't want to try it in the local office.  I have a name and number of a 'specialist' in the capital to make an appointment with.  No idea if she speaks any English.  Ongoing adventure.  I'm studying for my next certification, test to be taken also in the capitol (is it 'al' or 'ol'...?)  and maybe I can combine the trips.  Or maybe that is a recipe for disaster?  Oh, well. I'm trying to clean up the apartment.  I don't seem to be able to even keep up with a 2 room hotel suite (all furniture and such is mine), and I don't seem to be sending things back as fast as I'd like.  I just run out of energy to do everything.  Laundry is getting caught up, but ironing isn't yet.  Floors need a good sweeping, and I need to finish packing the next Gorilla Box to send home.  That's just tonight.  But, life goes on.  I'll try to get a picture of the afghan put up, it may be tomorrow before it hits the top of the on-going list.

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  1. First off to answer your question.....

    What is the difference between the word capitol and capital?

    The last vowel.
    "Capitol" is used almost always to refer to a building, specifically the building in which a legislative body meets. The US Capitol is the building where the US Senate and House of Representatives meet. Capitol Hill is (literally) the hill upon which that building sits, and (figuratively) either the general region of that hill or sometimes as a rather poetic way of referring to the members of the legislature and their staff.

    "Capital" is used in almost every other case: capital letter, capital punishment, state capital (the city, as opposed to the state's Capitol Building, which is almost certainly located within the state's capital city). It comes from a word which means "head".

    NOW, pack that shipping container one item at a time, hell maybe one in the morning and a couple more in the evening when you get back it. It'll get full eventually! :-)

    Sounds to me like you simply getting home sick, but I ain't no doctor