Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, September 24, 2011


One of the results of living where I can't join in with general conversations going on around me because I don't speak the language is that I have gotten quiet.  In Real Life, as well as here.  Nothing wrong, just not a lot to say, and I'm losing the art of small talk, which I never was very good with anyway.  I'm still in Honduras, and still no bites on a new job someplace else.  I'm really not trying hard, though.  I need to step that part up. 

I did spend 10 days back in the US.  I got to drive my Jeep, and stay out all nights at the casinos.  I need another trip before the end of the year to get some more of my business straightened out, such as where my 'permanent' address really is and re-plate my Jeep.  My dentist went on vacation about the time I got back, so my next appointment is sometime next month.  We start the whole process on the other side.  I need to balance that with wanting to leave the area.  This whole living outside the US thing gets complicated.

So, co-workers are leaving for new jobs and new folks are coming in.  Not in my immediate area yet, as I'm the most senior, time-wise, there.  But, it is difficult to make friends to hang around and do things with as people cycle out about the time we realize we enjoy the same stuff.  Other than those things, life here is good.  I have an adventure to post about, with pictures even.  Maybe later this weekend.


  1. I'm surprised people aren't moving down there in droves just to get out of the US! I think Panama is getting its share of US citizens.

  2. Glad you checked in. I "think" I understand your issue with not talking a lot , not speaking the language , which would lead to becoming more private/hermit type.
    I find that somewhat I have become more hermitity :-) being alone here now. I find that I don't really have to actually have a face to face with someone all the time. But I am always glad to have a conversation with someone.

    Hope you dentist guy comes back soon and get that all finished up.
    Stay well, looking forward to your upcoming post with pictures!!

  3. Good to hear from you again. Glad you ejoyed your trip back home. Good luck on all your future ventures or adventures.

  4. t-guy: I think any influx of US folk would be over on the Bay Islands side of the country. Not a lot in my area to draw anyone here. I hear the beach area over there is nice, though, and I hope to get there sometime soon. Also, the countries around there, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, all have better raps than Honduras does. Hondo is the poorest of the Central American countries. I've heard that aid from the US is 25% of it's GNP.

  5. don't knock your "quiet" too hard Lady. Too much of what a lot of folks "Say" is just noise... It doesn't sound like you lock yourself in a closet, so was it me, I'd just be comfortable in knowing that you're comfortable being quiet. Sometimes, you hear a lot more, if you're not talking...

    ... of course... that's not a problem I've had much ;)