Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sick Day

I was having a dream where apparently I was moving with some other folks, all about college age and maybe I was, too.  We were loading all our stuff in a large moving van.  Everyone else had their stuff loaded, but no one wanted to help me load my stuff and there wasn't really much room left anyway.  I kept trying to get them to wait for me to get my stuff together, and they just gave me a hard time.  Then they started just giving my stuff to random kids, which made me mad.  A lot of the stuff I had was old Christmas decorations and furniture and odd bits and pieces and I have no idea where we were moving from or to, just that I couldn't get my stuff loaded on the moving van and the people I wanted to move with were making fun of me and not helping.

Then my watch alarm went off.  The one that says I'd better be within 5 minutes of walking out the door to work.  I have no memory of turning off my 2 main alarms, but I must have because they go for an hour before turning off automatically.  I decided then I need a day off.  I've not felt 'well' in days, maybe weeks.  Nothing that really manifests as symptoms I can say that I have such and such.  Just no energy, no motivation.  I have slept any time I'm not at work, including all day Saturday while I was down at Tegucigalpa paying for a room at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Today I will rest, and take care of details.  And maybe get rid of some of my stuff, since my unconscious mind seems to think I'm trying to move too much stuff around with me.


  1. Why is it in dreams, it always seems to put you at a disadvantage?

  2. Sounds like my life for the past few years.

  3. Long time no hear... Maybe time for you to get on top of that pyramid...
    Stay in touch.
    Be well, always.
    Ara & Spirit

  4. Take care of yourself Paula. Your the one who's there! :) strikes me the dream and the lethargy might could be connected...