Four Peaks in snow

Monday, November 14, 2011

No Pictures

No one who knows me will be surprised to hear that when I pulled my camera out of my backpack the battery was dead and I had not (of course) packed the charger.  So, no pictures.  The tour of the city was awesome, and I will go back and get pictures.  Now that I've been to the areas I'm more inclined to go there in a smaller group.  Not alone, but Melinda and I both want to go back and take pictures and visit the gift shop we found.
I am on a more strict diet.  I went into the trendy store, inspired to get some new clothes by having the young(er) females around, and largest sizes didn't fit me.  Ok, this is Honduras, where the locals are smaller.  However, when I no longer fit into anything labeled 'L' it is time to regroup and take care of the issue.  It's not just weight, I need to firm up.  The new curves are ok in general, but I got a few curves in places that are actually supposed to be flat.  So, along with studying for certifications and working on my hammock, I am going to exercise.  Really. 
I also started antibiotics so that tooth tooth left to work on will numb on Saturday at the dentist.  Down here we don't need a presscription to get antibiotics, so I did my due diligence in research, and I'm watching myself for any adverse issues.  I've never been alergic to any medicines, so I'm good.  I'm drinking lots of water, and I'm staying out of the sun as much as I can.  No long sleeves because it's gotten hot here again.  I guess if I start burning I'll find some kind of long sleeves, or wear my windbreaker when I'm outside.  Sensitivity to sun is the only real symptom I'm concerned about.

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  1. Don't them dang batteries die at the most inconvenient time? Hey, don’t take too many anti-biotic stuff. Not good in the long run; causes yeast, fungus, and weight gain. Take pro-biotic pills in between the anti-biotic pills.