Four Peaks in snow

Friday, November 11, 2011


Note to self:  DO NOT say to your normally calm, cheerful taxi driver 'RAPIDO' when getting in and thinking about the bus you need to catch soon in town.  This makes the start of the weekend particularly exciting...

The trip up on the buss was uneventful.  The taxi driver who picked me up seemed to know me, as he kept saying the name of the casino I usually go to.  I checked in, and the front desk person, Walter, was falling all over himself even more than usual to let me know how happy he was I'm here.  He walked me up to my room, which is considered a perk I guess, to check in while in the room, not standing at the counter.  I knew I was getting an upgrade since I had filled out the survey about my last stay.  To be honest, I waited until the second time they sent it to me, and then decided that I would mention the two small issues I'd had.  I did tell them that it was all handled by the front desk immediately. 

So, we get to the top floor, a floor above where I thought I was going and 2 floors above my usual rooms (these things matter when you are at a classy hotel).  He proudly opens the door to... the Presidential Suite!  I am awestruck!  I have 2(!) bathrooms, a living room with TV, a dining room with a table that seats 8, a walk in closet that I've gotten turned around in more than once this morning (before coffee...), a water jet deep tub with 2 steps up to it, a separate shower...  wow.  I'll get pictures and post them.

The strange thing is, with all this there are some things I'm thinking are, well, not up to par.  So much effort spent on the WOW factor, and details are lost.  I'm feeling badly wondering if I should mention them, if it will look like I'm angling for another upgrade.  The coffee in the room is still just the one packet, and not enough for the full sized pot, even when I only filled it part way.  The included breakfast in the private 9th floor dining room was mostly just fruit and scrambled eggs.  I was actually hungry, so I wanted some plantains or bacon or something.  The guys working there, both last night and this morning, seem to ignore me.  Granted I didn't come dressed for 9th floor, but I have had to ask for everything.  That is not up to even the service I get downstairs.  I watched the waiter here take a cup from one of the (well dressed...) gentlemen as he drank the last of his coffee not even giving him time to set his cup down before refilling it.  I had to ask for more.

I'll post more later.  Time to get going, the maid is here.

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  1. I LOVE it when that happens! And getting an upgrade doesn't necessarily upgrade everything (even when you get there on your own, by the way, or in my case, on points). But it is really cool to suddenly find yourself in one of those over the top rooms.