Sunday, April 29, 2012

Traveling Light

One of my goals is to be able to travel anywhere, for any length of time with a carry on and a daypack. These weekend trips are my testing ground. This weekend I finally have had all I needed, and a few items I didn't use because I didn't dress up last night. Sometimes I do, just for a change. I still have some tweeking to do, mostly just because I can. However, I would take off for a couple of weeks if necessary with what I have with me this weekend.

I wore jeans and a comfortable polo shirt down here from work with tennis shoes. I had some black yoga pants and a new pair of black nylon hiking pants and a light brown broomstick skirt, and a reversible brown/black long skirt for my bottom half. I have a reversible brown/black top, a very light leopard print, cap sleeve top, a blue/black/pink print cap sleeve top, a reversible red/black sleeveless top, and 2 t-shirts. Underclothes and toiletries, a couple of belts, a pair of water sandels and some nice black slip on shoes to wear with the skirts a pair of black tights and black light weight tank top and a swimsuit. Oh, and my knitting.

In my day pack I have what I usually carry (includes a small flashlight and travel size of most stuff I use as well as some plastic eating utensils) and my netbook with my USB wireless stick. I wear my ScotteVest travel vest with all it's inside pockets when I'm out and about so that any money/camera/ids/cell phone are on me but not hanging off me.

I pack the carry on stuff in a couple of 3 gal. ziplock bags, toiletries in a gallon bag. It all fits with room to spare. On other trips I had wished for a pair of black pants and a t-shirt, just for when I decide to dress comfortable rather than dressy. The two skirts are because I couldn't decide which one, and since I didn't wear either the jury is still out. Ah well, more trips for testing are necessary.

Yes, I laid it all out on the bed and took pictures. You know how I am with posting pictures.


  1. Sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to see the pictures...

    Have a lovely day!

  2. I used to be so good about traveling light, but no longer. I always bring stuff I don't need, and manage to forget something important.

  3. I'd be fine with what you mentioned... but... what about the binoculars, the camera and extra lens, and the GPS? Boy! Does that stuff add the extra weight! Seems I can't live without it now... and add to that my laptop... hmmmmmmm.....

  4. What a great idea to buy reversible stuff! I also like the vest in which you can carry all the stuff you need but that would be hard for them to snatch like would be a purse.

    Ever gone to Burning Man? Some of those folks could use your packing tips.

  5. MsBelinda - I didn't get a ticket to Burning Man this year (not even through the step program) but I'll be going next year with the Contra group (assuming Burning Man doesn't have the same ticketing fiasco) but I've always wondered what sort of packing disasters, too light and way too heavy might occur out there for ten days.

    Shadowmoss - Pictures please! I need to get a post up before Cletus is off to Europe for 83 days about her packing process. I've had to wire my mouth shut and just watch the process work itself out. She's limited to the standard size backpack which really does have you stop, look, think, rethink...

  6. Alecto it has always been my dream to someday be able to attend Burning Man. Hope you get to make it to next year's gathering.