Thursday, April 05, 2012

Semana Santa

Holy Week. I hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend. Here things have slowed down a bit as most Hondurans take most of the week before Easter off work and head to the beaches. No buses ran this morning or afternoon that I could tell, and that is a major change as at least half of the traffic here is buses. Not a lot of traffic at all. It is hot, and the rainy season has started. That is good in that it cools things off while it rains. We have had a heat index cat 5 already, the highest they report at work. The down side is that I did not have electricity after the 3:30 am storm this morning. No coffee till I got to work, and a short cool shower while getting ready.

I had decided that my next post had to be the pictures I took of the pila (I asked about the spelling) up on the roof. I haven't pulled of the pictures from the camera yet, and so I kept not posting about anything else. So, the pictures will get posted when they get posted. I do have my desktop computer set up now, and I prefer to work on it with it's larger monitor when I'm dealing with pictures and video. I guess I do better with short, random posts than trying to actually tell a story of life down here.

I have been working on knitting the sweater. I had decided to rip out to near the start, if not start over completely, because my knitting is so uneven since I'm learning a whole different way to hold the yarn. However, I again reconsidered, and am continuing on. Basically, my gauge is still uneven so I'll just use this sweater for wearing around the house and getting more comfortable with knitting Continental style. Once it is done I'll order some really nice yarn and make a nice version.


  1. When I saw the title of your post today, Semana Santa, I wondered if Hondurans go to the beach. The Salvadorans go to the beach for just about every holiday, so I guess it's a Central American thing.

  2. Do you get to take any time off during Semana Santa where you work?

    How are you liking your new apartment?