Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another new experience

Last night I had my new dorm size fridge in the back seat, and needed gas. I went through the main town to get gas and so went the long way around to get home. This is the way with the 21 topes. As I cleared one town and started to speed up after the last tope there I saw something skittering across the road, and had to swerve to miss what I realized was an iguana. So, oxen carts and loose cows and horses and the occassional burro (donkey?), bicyclists and guys on horseback and large buses on narrow streets, kids and dog, and now iguanas. Welcome to driving in Honduras.

I had to lay the fridge on its side to transport it home, so it is sitting for the required 24 hrs before actually turning it on. I'm excited that I may have cold water to drink and can cook and have a place to put leftovers that they won't spoil. I could even get beer to offer guests. Although I may have foiled that one already. Who knew that when I offered to have a guy over for dinner downstairs at the restaurant (in the hotel at the time), and up to my place to play video games on my wii, that he would be surprised that I actually meant we would play video games on the wii. I say what I mean, I can't help it if others read more into it... sigh... there is a reason I'm single. Turns out he really wasn't all that interested in video bowling after all. That and the fact that I only had coffee mugs to drink the wine out of. And no beer as an alternative. Yeah, I don't entertain often. I did go buy some wine glasses.


  1. I have never played wii, but love all kinds of video games. Right now I am spending any free time playing Angry Bird.

  2. Having been married to a Salvadoran for 6 years and knowing a lot of people in the Central American community of Metro Washington DC, I can tell you there are a lot of things we don't think anything of that they perceive quite differently. If I were to ever date again, I think I would find someone within my own culture. I really love learning about other cultures and getting to know people from them, but when it comes to how men and women behave towards each other, it's a deep chasm in my opinion.

  3. Gypsy: He was retired military, US Citizen! :)

  4. Lol on the iguana. You need to do a video of your drive home.

    Glad you have your mini fridge. Did your apartment not come with a full size refrigerator?

    I have come to find that men no matter the country of origin are basically all alike.

  5. Holy cow. I've just been catching up and as I read through the past 15 posts (yes, I've been under water and without a computer that long but you knew that :-)) I kept wanting to comment along the way but decided I ought to hold off until I got to the end. So here's what I've got to say about all this adventure:

    Boy are you brave and stretchy and fabulous and stepping up and taking on the world where you stand right here and now. As I was reading I kept seeing myself and how I feel these days and I'd think, yeah, I can't move either and then in the very next post or even the next sentence you're back on your feet and at it again or you're just rolling with it.

    I wonder if you can see that about yourself?

    I want to tell you to be careful about so many things but that's actually wrong because when we're actually being 'careful' or being 'safe' we tend to hole up and shrink into ourselves. I guess what I really mean to say is be/stay conscious.

    Men will interpret an invitation into your personal space as something other than wii almost every time. At least that's my experience. You could try inviting a group of people, mixed gender.

    Anyway, you're inspiring the heck out of me. Probably I ought to go over and face my own blog and thoughts.