Four Peaks in snow

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Update

It has been a stressful time. Lots of new things, mostly because of living in a different town and driving a car instead of just taking taxis. I've had to drive home after dark, had to stop and get gas after dark. I've learned a short cut down a gravel road to get home, necessary because of the road construction that has the direct route closed. I spent the first 2 weeks driving 21 miles each way to stay on pavement and around civilization, and I will probably go that way whenever it is after dark. It has 17 topes (speed bumps) in a 5 km. stretch. With no real traffic cops they make if physically impossible to speed by putting the topes that will wreck the suspension if you go over them any faster than 2mph. There are 3 more in the town where I live to get to my apartment. It is a slow trip. Add in dodging cows (lots of cows in the roads and streets), oxen carts, bicyclists and dogs and getting over 40mph at the max is really pushing it even on good road.

Work is busy, and I go home and don't do much. I did get the living room all cleaned and arranged last weekend. Pictures one of these days, really. My landlord hung some clotheslines up on the roof for me, so I started catching up my backload of laundry. I'll do pictures of the roof laundry suite at some point. Paging Ms. Belinda: there is something called a pela (pronounced pay-la, so guessing on the spelling). Is that a usual laundry thing in Central America, or is it possibly a Honduran thing. Again, I'll do pictures. Really.

The fan is making nights liveable, temperature wise now as well as making nice white noise. It is starting to warm up, but the mornings are still cool. No rain yet, but it should start raining in the afternoon/evenings in a month or so.

This is just a check-in to say that I'm still here. Oh, and I'm finally one of the cool kids. My blog has started to get spam. It's mostly on the older posts, and the Blogger spam-catcher has caught all of them.


  1. Oops! Cyberspace just ate my comment or my finger hit the wrong key.

    "My blog has started to get spam." I'm jealous! Not really! Would love to see some photos when you get a chance.

  2. Ever since I took the word check thingy off my Blog the spam started. I average one or maybe two a day but like yours, Bloggers spam catcher has got them all. We just have to remember to check our spam folder as one of the ones it blocked was not spam, it was from a regular commenter.

    Glad to see you have got this driving to work thing down pat. Driving at night is a thing to avoid if possible but once you have the route memorized no topes will jump out in front of you!

  3. You know, you could probably hire out your laundry for very little money. That is one thing Norma loves about Mexico, Lavanderias!

  4. I have never heard of "pela" as a laundry term, it must be a honduran thing. I am more familirized with mexican terminology.

    Do you plan on keeping the rental car? Look forward to your pictures.

  5. You make liv'n in Honduras sound so exciting. 40 mile a hour top speed, 17 topes, pela.....cows, oxen carts, bicyclists and dogs.
    LOL to the spam. I never knew I was get'n spam till someone suggested I look in a spam folder in the dashbord....or what ever they call it. Yup, there it was.....hundreds of them. As long as blogger catches them, I'm good to go.
    Pics...yes to pics.