Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Non-Linear again

I had plans to have the living room completely cleaned and arranged as the project for the weekend. I admit that I chose that one because it is the smallest room with the least stuff. Friday evening when I got home I started mopping a section. I have to move the couch around to get to the floor, and it takes awhile to dry. At that point I hadn't started using the fan to help dry the floor. Hey, I've got all weekend to do a small room, so what the heck.

Saturday morning I realized after my coffee and internet time that I should get a shower and get dressed as my landlord had said we would go get my internet that day. The neighbor upstairs had left a note in English on my door telling me the costs, but I didn't have enough lempira to get it done this weekend. I was showered and dressed when he and a young lady who speaks excellent English showed up. I told them my problem, I had dollars but not lempira. He said he would change it for me. She worked out the exchange rate, and off we went to Cable Color in his car. I asked when it would be installed, since I'm working late shift next week. He said at 3pm that day. Wow.

I came home and took stock of the situation. I had decided I wanted the internet in my bedroom, the one that currently held the majority of my stuff in tubs and boxes, as well as my bed stuffed into the last remaining space. So, I decided to mop the mostly empty other bedroom to start moving all that stuff in there. In the meantime, my landlord is working on the water drip in that bathroom, and has brought his 10yo grandson with him, who is wandering around in all the rooms of the apartment saying, you have a lot of stuff. Not only is his English excellent at 10 yo, he sees me for the hoarder I am. sigh.

The upshot is that my landlord cannot fix the drip himself, so he goes to get someone else. While he's gone I finish mopping most of the room, put the fan on to dry it and call that room good. I'm in the bedroom trying to come up with a plan to move all the stuff that was too heavy for me to lift while I was moving in. From the bathroom where the two men have been working and talking I hear a rush of water. They took the connection apart without turning the water off first. My almost dry floor is now flooded with water. sigh. They get the water turned off and work some more while I mop up the water. I want to cry because I still have a lot of work to do before 3pm, and it's now noon, but I was afraid that would add even more water to the situation. They finally leave saying they will be back on Monday. I get the room dried out and it is now completely mopped, as is that bathroom.

Over the course of the afternoon I do end up getting the majority of the stuff moved from one room to the other, thanks to my small 2 wheel cart. I then find the cable connection in the room I want and clear stuff away from it and mop that section. I sit down to rest, noting that I have an hour to get the last of the things moved out, and here comes my landlord with the cable guy. sigh. Who ever heard of a cable guy doing an installation on the SAME DAY as sign up and showing up AN HOUR EARLY???

After about a hour of looking in the ceiling for the correct cable (no TV, just internet?) and talking to the office, I sit down to test it with my netbook. Literally as soon as I made connection, my Mom called me on Skype. I answered, and the guys were happy and amazed I could see my Mom on the internet. Everyone waved hello across the interwebs, and I saw them out and had a nice fast connection to talk on Skype. This seems faster than the connection I had at the hotel, and it's cheaper by a little. Not quite $100/mo, and I still have the backup TIGO stick usb as a backup for $25/mo.

I got the bedroom all arranged now, mopped and everything. I put the fan pointing directly to the bed, and I was able to close my window. Nice, white noise. I slept like a baby all night. First time in Honduras, I think.

Today I'm taking the military bus to the capital. I'm looking for curtains and something to put in the shower to hold the soap and shampoo. I still haven't finished mopping the living room.


  1. It was really nice that you got that internet working so fast. I doubt that you could ever get it done that fast here in the States.

  2. When I was married to a Salvadoran we used to laugh about "Spanish time", which sort of meant "whenever". But once in a while they can wow you with getting to something so quickly, and doing such a good job for relatively low cost. Glad you have your internet working.

  3. My goodness I got tired just reading all the mopping you did which in spanish is called "trapeando".

    Glad you are getting all your things set up and that your internet was installed in a fast and efficient manner.

    The grandson of the landlord speaking excellent English is an added plus.

    You probably slept like a baby because of all the work you did and also because the stress of the move is behind you. May you continue to sleep like a baby.

  4. Sounds like your day was a lot busier then you anticipated. Funny your mother called you on Skype while the installer was still there.

    Its great to have a good internet connection