Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, March 04, 2012


I heard what sounded like someone pounding cadence, or maybe practicing on bongo drums, or maybe something else I just couldn't place. After about a half hour (ok, maybe 10 minutes) I went up the stairs and looked over the creek and saw 2 young boys, one looked about 4, pounding away on a large can or something with some mallets. Precocious, as occasionally they do a fair job at a recognizable cadence. I'm seriously hoping they get bored by evening. Probably just in tome for the frogs to take over.

I don't have air conditioning here at this apartment. I am (was?) hoping that the slightly higher elevation would make up for that. Well, I tend to be an optimist like that. Fans will help. Nice white noise.

Still cleaning and unpacking. So far I've been able to find everything I've looked for. And while I'm a fan of small housing and RVs, and lurk on sites about minimalism and simple living and all that, it is a kick to have several rooms to wander around in. And closets to stash things out of site. Open spaces , smooth tile. I like it. Maybe I can get some of the noise cancelling earphones and plug them into my alarm clock so I can hear that in the mornings. Those and some ceiling fans. I'm figuring that as soon as I get all nice and settled in with what I need to be comfortable here, Murphy will find me moving someplace else.

Hey, the drum recital ended. I can still hear music but it is soft enough to be just part of the neighborhood sounds. I may get used to this place yet.


  1. So sorry to hear all the "noise" problems you are having. I know this is probably of little comfort at this time but my mother told me to tell you the following:

    When she was a newlywed they lived in an apartment close to a zoo and she could not sleep because of the different animal noises but within two weeks she learned to live with it and it no longer bothered her.

    Same thing when they moved close to the train tracks, while that look a little longer she also got used to it and so will you.

  2. Meant to say "that took a little longer".

  3. "Sounds" perfect.

    We live close to a fairly busy street/highway and when we first moed in I thought it would continue to bother me. About a week later I no longer even heard it. We have our own noise cancelling system. I hop you solve your transportation problem.