Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, March 08, 2012

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Things are continuing to get sorted out. When I went to take a shower yesterday morning, there was still most of the day before's water in the shower floor. The showers down here are largish tiled enclosures with sliding doors. So, while I knew it was draining slowly, I didn't know it had stopped until I slid the door back for my next shower. Another thing for the list. The dripping connection on the sink is still dripping in the other bathroom, so no workers in so far.

Yesterday I went to the PX and bought a window fan. It is thinner and lighter than the monster window fans I've had for years (which may or may not still be in storage somewhere...). I like it a lot. I plugged it in and it makes nice white noise. After that success, I decided that before bed I would tackle dipping the standing water out of the shower. I got most of it out, dumping it into the toilet, and so I flushed the toilet. The drain then started draining. So, verifiying it again this morning, to drain the shower I have to flush the toilet after the water is standing in the shower floor. I had to flush twice this morning for it to totally drain. Maybe an air vacuume thing or whatever. As long as I can make it work I'm good.

No standing water in the shower, and nice white noise along with cooler temperatures meant I got a good night's sleep. Life is good.


  1. LOL The shower thing reminds of my first car; you hit the horn to turn the radio off and on.

  2. Don't you love it when things come together? The fan sounds nice. I will need a couple of fans this summer because I'm not going to use the dumb swamp cooler sitting on top of my house, that's for sure.