Four Peaks in snow

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Time to Update

I am still in MO at Mom's. The paperwork is making it's rounds, I hope, for the new job. Of all the things I was not worried about, the background check was at the top of the list. However, nothing is official until that is completed. I have two major things left to do here before I head west: Taxes and get the Jeep serviced. The taxes are just to capture the losses last year on my rental house. Hopefully that will soon be history. The Jeep is in need of an oil change, and 4WD is acting strange. Granted, I don't use it much, but it doesn't feel like it actually 'shifts' when I put it into 4WD, and I don't feel much change. I am wondering if it is stuck in 4WD, as my gas mileage is bad, even for a Jeep. So, today is taxes and tomorrow I work on getting the Jeep ready.

I have 6 nights free in Las Vegas all reserved. I decided I want to be out in the general area of Phoenix while waiting for my start date. I'll have my Jeep, so I can travel around and sight see, which I couldn't when I flew out there in February. Also, I'm getting antsy just sitting around here, so it is time for a road trip. A low-budget one, but a road trip just the same. I usually drive straight through from point A to point B when I travel, but I'm not sure how I'll do this drive. I'm planning on taking I40 across, even though Google Maps says I70 is a tad shorter. I don't want to deal with snow again, so I'll head south. I'll have a tent and camping gear with me, so I'm thinking I'll just stop along the way a couple of places. Then again, I drove straight through both trips to and from Washington State a few years ago, and that was a lot further.

As usual, all plans are in jello. I am so ready to have a 'home' again. Oh, and I still have 1.5 Jeep loads of stuff I want to take, but slowly I'm paring it down.


  1. I always take my tent & camping gear on cross country trips, thinking I'll just camp overnight. Since I can't easily get in and out of my backpacker's tent which I can quickly set up, I find I just don't want to deal with the larger tent for just an overnight. So I stop at motels and that runs the budget up. I'm wondering what kind of tent you will be using, and how you find places to camp. The cheaper parks - state & national, are so far off the interstates that I've not wanted to try them. I can see driving 17 miles and finding out I don't really want to stay there, and then having to drive 17 miles back to continue looking for another overnight stop. I'd love to know how you are planning it.

  2. Well, I'm basically not planning. I don't know if I'll find places to camp or not. Usually I just put the seat back in the Jeep in rest areas and cat nap, then head back out. The tent is to keep my options open. I am worried about that middle thousand miles across Texas, New Mexico and eastern Arizona. Not sure what is out there, if anything.

  3. Yesterday I saw a Jeep hauling a trailer (the flat ones) and I thought of you and how that would solve your jeep and a half problems.

    Both Billy Bob and Barney have extensive knowledge of the different camping places along the way maybe you can pick their brain about some of them.

    Best of luck.

  4. P.S. Have you thought about renting a small u-haul trailer?

  5. Can't rent a trailer with a soft top Jeep. I don't know why, but it is true.