Four Peaks in snow

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Paperwork never ends

I am working on getting paid for my last job and getting the paperwork filed for my new job. That has been the last 2 days' job. I'm still filling out the background check forms. I don't fit into nice, neat forms very well. I called the support line and he left the call as puzzled as I was about how to do this. His answer was to give my recruiter a heads up on why the paperwork is wonky.

I know where I'm going, and roughly when I need to be in Phoenix. I just don't know when I'll leave. Finances are the issue as usual. I can get more free nights in Las Vegas I have discovered. That may be a cheaper place to spend time than here where I'm wearing my welcome thin. Or, I'm just not used to sharing space, especially when this is a one-bedroom apartment that is my Mom's place and not mine.

I'm looking to see how to put together a low(er) cost trip out. In the meantime, I'm still sorting and repacking. I'm down to maybe 1.5 Jeep loads of things I want to take, mostly clothes. We took some of the clothes I'm getting rid of to a neighbor of Mom's who is smaller than I am now. She also has many, many grandkids and great-grandkids, so someone will get use out of them.


  1. It is good that your excess clothing will go to someone ho can use them. Soon you will have your take along things down to one Jeep load.

  2. I do not really think you can wear out your welcome at a mother's may just be that both you and I are used to not sharing a space.

    Good luck and I am sure you will soon get it all down to a Jeep load.