Sunday, July 28, 2013

More online courses

I am a frustrated reference librarian. My specialty is free courses on pretty much any subject. So, here are some I've gathered lately:

Last November I signed up for the course Think Again: How to Reason and Argue. The instructors are hilarious and the subject matter definitely not boring. This is the way video courses should be done. Last November I was still in Honduras and just couldn't keep up with the timing of the course. They are offering it again, and they say the textbook is free this time. I'm going to try again. This course is from Duke University, if it means anything for you.

Another set of free video classes I've signed up for is a series of free Permaculture classes. This one is self paced. This is set up by the Regenerative Leadership Institute. I believe there is a way to pay and get the certificate for the classes if that is important to you.

Next I'm off to find some Linux tutorials. I got a USB stick set up with Debian but it doesn't have the GUI desktop that I need at this point. The #! (crunch bang) version is what I want to end up with, but I see a Ubuntu USB setup in my immediate future as an in-between. Also, I will get back on the training circuit to get my web programming skills up to par. Since even on my nights off I'll need to maintain an awake schedule between midnight and noon, I need something to keep me out of the casinos.

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  1. Those look like fun courses to take. I'll have to look in to them.