Thursday, July 18, 2013

Still Slow

Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again? I'm that way right now. Last of my 4 days off and not a lot to point to as progress. Linux is still kicking my posterior, can't get the right combination of stuff going to get it installed on a thumb drive, or at this point even to copy off the iso onto a DVD. I used to have a fancy program that was opensource (free) that would open an iso file like it was a directory on my computer, and it would copy off a bootloader from whatever you pointed it to (that was already bootable) and copy it to the CD/DVD/USB drive and make it bootable. It has either gone to for-pay or doesn't exist, or my search fu is gone.

Found out there is a filtered water machine here at the park that gives drinkable water for $.25/gal. My brita just doesn't take all the bad taste out, tap water tastes like it is softened or something. The machine does a fine job, and is close. Also found out that besides a billiards table in the back building there is a nice library and a card room with 3 poker tables. Apparently this place rocks during the winter.

No pictures. Still trying to get the dang computers to behave. My original netbook, the ASUS, is freezing up during Skype calls now, done it twice in 2 days. Also making an ominous buzzing sound while it does it. I had the original hard drive disintegrate on me early on and it was replaced under warranty. I think that is about to happen again. The HP netbook is what I'm trying to take to Linux unsuccessfully. Since it may become my primary Skype machine I want to use a 'live' DVD or thumb drive test run to make sure I can still use Skype with Linux on it before I actually make it a permanent install. Hopefully in approximately 8 weeks I will have my desktop computer, along with everything else, moved out here. Then I will run out of excuses and have to make up all new ones.


  1. When working with computers and electronics, there are a lot of excuses, most of them real. Hope you get all the bugs worked out.

  2. If you are having all these problems...imagine me that do not know a thing about computers :-(

    I am trying to install Excel but have had no luck. I have the key but it tells me it is not valid...grrrrrr!!

    At least you do not have to wait that long to get your things to your new home.

  3. Hi,

    A couple of sites that you might look at regarding your linux ?

    Slashdot[/,] is a great site for getting answers on anything to do with linux.

    Betanews-fileforum has loads of software listings, might find something there.

    Wanted to thank you for your post, awhile back on the online courses, I have really enjoyed several of the courses I found through your post.