Monday, November 04, 2013

Getting back to normal

News on the vertigo front is good. I found on YouTube videos to correct vertigo including one I just now found: which explains it very well. The one I used showed the Epley maneuver. I called Mom to tell her about it, and she said that her vertigo had disappeared. It seems she did the movements in her sleep. She woke up with her head hanging off the side of her bed with a screeching in her ear. When she rolled over, the vertigo went away. After one Epley maneuver my vertigo was 80 percent better, only bothering me at night a bit. I'll try the movements in the video listed above, but I think even without it that I'm fine now.

Yes, I do believe mine was from the off-gassing of the shelves I bought at IKEA and laid right next to my bed that day. It was just too immediate and acute an attack. I don't know what caused Mom's. My new shelves are out on the screen porch, and I will put them together and move them back into the bedroom in a couple of weeks. If I have any return of the vertigo, I'll make other plans then. I think this was a recent shipment as the bin I got them from at IKEA was full, and I never had any reaction to anything else I've bought there. From now on, though, I will let any new furniture air out before bringing it into the living space.

I have a lot of other things to update, including that I finished the sweater I was knitting and my trip up to Jerome, AZ along with pictures, but I've misplaced my camera cable. Mostly it is irritating and I do have severalof those cables around here. I'm being stubborn and looking for the one I usually use as I just had it last week. The search is prompting me to clear out my office and rearrange, so all is not totally negative from this. Piles are getting put away, some things are being moved out and given away or trashed. I still have not found my yarn, so I will go buy some more today probably. I want to start making some socks. More updates when I either find the darn cable or use one of my other ones.

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