Friday, November 29, 2013

Forgot what day it is

On the way into work tonight I started to swing by WalMart to get some snacks and a sandwich to take into work as I do a lot of nights on the way in. As I was stopped at the light getting ready to turn in I sort of wondered at the amount of traffic at 9:30pm on a Holiday and suddenly it hit me what I was about to do! I was going to WalMart on the cusp of BLACK FRIDAY!! NOOOOOOO!!! I made a circle of the parking lot, which had more cars than are usually there during the day (what few daytimes I've been there lately). I tend to be crowd adverse, so I decided I had what I needed in my locker at work, which was bread and peanut butter, and some yogurt in the fridge as well. When I walked into work I remembered that my employer had Boston Market deliver Thanksgiving dinner for whoever was working earlier in the day, and the remenants were in the fridge. So much for peanut butter!


  1. You sure made the right decisions and you still got to eat the Thanksgiving meal or what was left of it.

  2. Living alone tends to enable those times of not knowing what day it is! I agree that you made the right decision to get the heck outta Walmart ASAP!