Monday, May 12, 2014


The trip to Las Vegas helped me step back to a longer range view of my current life. I watched the people passing by when I would sit. There are a lot of people passing by on the Strip, and along corridors in the Hotels and casinos. I was looking for a 'look', an attitude, and style that I could use as a starting point. I saw a lot of diversity in fashion, ages, levels of dress. I didn't see a lot that did much for me, as in made me think I wanted to try to copy it or use it to start my new look or lifestyle. As far as clothing, I did find that when the clothes fit the person, size-wise, no matter the person's age, gender, or level of dressiness, the outfit 'worked'.

Most of us seem to still be trying to fit into clothes that don't work for us anymore. And, of course, clothes are more than a metaphor, mostly the most obvious level of change in my life right now. I've lived for the past several years where under 90 degrees is chilly and under 70 degrees has me pulling out a coat and turning on the heat in the Jeep as I drive to work. Between my time in Honduras and now living in Phoenix most of my heavier clothing is 10-20 years old. It is tight, and not appropriate for my current lifestyle. It is difficult to get rid of closets full of clothes for me, though. I'm working my way through it.

Pretty much all of my large stash of makeup is over 5 years old, a lot of it older than that. I don't wear makeup anymore. It will go at some point. Along with my admission that I just don't care to try that hard anymore to 'look the look'. A lot of my more professional clothing has already gone away, but even the few things I've kept are probably out of style. They are on the list of things to try on and make decisions on.

It is a work in progress, as I try to figure out what I want my life to look like now.


  1. I am sure you will find what "fits" you best. I still wear clothes that I bought many, many years ago. But I am an old man and nobody, not even me, cares that much what I look like.

  2. I guess I've managed to avoid the fashion police for many years. At age 72 I still wear jeans, t-shirts, sweat shirts and "tennis" shoes. I still get my hair permed in curls because that's what makes me feel good. I wear make-up when I want to... and when it's not so hot that it runs in rivulets down my face (I DID NOT wear make-up during our 3 months winter in Costa Rica).... I still knit and wear handmade sweaters and socks. My theory is... why look for something else when what you got works for you?

  3. What I've noticed is, if my clothes fit my shape my attitude towards life is better. I'm now in the process of going through my closet and noting what is ragged. I'm trying to get my mind geared up for some marathon sewing sessions. I keep losing sight of how much better I feel about myself if I make/purchase something new every-once-in-a-while.

  4. Now I know it don't really matter what a man has to say bout dress an' looks, but dad gum it, you are beautiful just like you are. Now if'n your clothes don't fit no more, go buy some new ones that do fit. Don't worry bout no present day comfortable. Make up??? That just changes you to look like somebody else. It's nice to look your best...but, it's not the real you. That's just my take on clothes, make up an' style. Yours may be different.

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  6. I quit wearing makeup when I lived in Ireland. The humid climate there does wonders for the complexion, and now that I'm back in the U.S. I could never go back to make-up, so I just wear lipstick once in a while. My wardrobe is jeans, capris, shorts, and lots of t-shirts! sometimes I wish I could dres up, but it really isn't important to me any more.

  7. There was a time in my life that I would not even go to my mailbox without make-up, now not so much.

    Ever since I retired I gave up the suits, high heels and nice dresses much to my mother's chagrin.

    Now I wear jeans, shorts, leggings, t-shirts, scrubs and tennis shoes. I so enjoy being comfortable.

  8. Your world seems eerily parallel to mine at the moment. I haven't read many of your posts, so maybe I'm misinterpreting your last couple of entries. But the feeling that you're changing, but not in obvious ways, people relating differently to you, change of interests, and feeling a little lost, is pretty close to what I'm experiencing.

    But recently, and I mean VERY recently, with a deadline looming, I decided to tackle my "clothing history"; cleaning out my closets and getting rid of items I no longer use (note I did not say "need"). I realized I'd never gotten rid of outdated clothes, due to style, size, or lifestyle, and discovered clothing I'd worn almost 20 years ago. It was like a dysfunctional walk down memory lane. It was difficult at first, a sadness as I realize I no longer wear business attire; all the dress slacks, button down shirts, ties, shoes and socks. It was almost like losing a friend. It was part of my identity. And while I still need to occasionally dress up for a special occasion, the clothes feel oddly uncomfortable.

    But it is getting easier. Today, I have more bags full of clothing to take to the local non-profit. I feel like I'm shedding a layer, but without knowing what my new layer or identity will look like. But that choice is mine, whether I take it or not. And my attitude and outlook has improved, as it is my first step leading to a more minimalist lifestyle on the road. Good luck to you.