Four Peaks in snow

Friday, December 25, 2015

A Late Merry Christmas

It is early evening Christmas Day here.  After I got off work yesterday Croft and Norma had a few of us over for a Christmas Eve sit around the propane campfire.  Mom and I and Favorite Neighbor were then joined by Sandie and Jim Dixon.  RVing stories came out and good food was stuffed into my mouth. 

Today Mom and Favorite Neighbor and Croft and Norma and I all went to the pitch-in dinner at the club house here in the park.  Lots of food.  I waddled home and fell into a nap that ended up lasting all afternoon.  Mom has said I need to come and get some of the left over food that she had taken.  I’m gaining weight just thinking about all the food the past few days.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start some projects around here.  The usual sorting and getting rid of clothes and papers and such.  I’m also wanting to trade off the Jeep for something smaller and better on gas.  I will need more motivation than I’ve had today, that is for sure.  I’m thinking Mom’s Christmas cookies won’t help in that department.


  1. Ours was a do nothing day. There us always tomorrow.

  2. Ours was a do nothing day. There us always tomorrow.

  3. Happy late Christmas to you.!

    From Bigfoot and Littlefoot

  4. Yes, lots of food this time of year! It was a fun dinner.

  5. Don't you know that holiday food does not put on extra weight? That is the premise I go by.

  6. Sounds like you had a good one!