Monday, December 28, 2015

Enjoying Open Live Writer

I know I am late to the party, but I do have to admit that using the Open Live Writer instead of the Blogger editor is a nice way to post.  I can start a post and wander around and do other things and come back later and not worry if I lose connection.  Those of you who have used Live Writer all along are going ‘duh’. As a computer professional (read:  inflated ego) I felt I had to use an html editor in order to be ‘real’ or something.  Result was that I didn’t post much.

I think the thyroid medicine is starting to wake me up a bit mentally.  Yesterday I saw mention of on-line courses on that are free.  If you have read much of my earlier blog you might remember that I am really into the idea of free on-line education.  At one point I played with the idea of putting together what I thought my version of an on-line secondary degree might look like, which was not an original idea.  Heather, Wendy Usually Wanders’ daughter was doing that waaaay back when.  I loved the idea.  That was as far as I got, though. 

I do feel like I have some major gaps in my education.  Math has always kept me back as I didn’t like most of the math instructors in my high school and therefore never took geometry or any further classes there.  That held me back when I sent for my technical degree, and is why it is a technical degree and not an engineering degree.  I have signed up for the free Math101 at canvas.  I got a 97% on the pre-test, so some of the college pre-calculus stayed with me.  However, I’m going through the videos anyway filling in the the gaps.  They seem to use Khan Academy videos for this, so I may just slide over to Khan to work my way on up from here.  It would be so awesome to actually understand the calculus I faked my way through in college.  It was interesting to stretch a bit mentally taking the pre-test, and probably what my mind needs to feel less foggy.

I did something special today, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to tell about it.


  1. I love Live Writer. If it didn't work anymore I'm sure I would give up blogging. So welcome to the party. I have heard really good things about Khan Academy. With my limit data I haven't really checked into it and if I did - calculus would not rank very high on my list. LOL But good for you to go for it.

  2. My 'thing' in HS and college was English studies as my mother had me convinced that teaching school was in my future. However a stuttering problem (since 99.9% beat) made me look in other directions. math was always my weakest subject and because the world turns as it does, I ended up in a job where I used math, calculus and geometry on a daily basis. ;)

    Still unable to add photos to OLW. I guess I should do some more work on it.

  3. Not being a Live Writer user and really not knowing much about it, I have to say that Blogger works fine with me. I sometimes start writing the blog and then goes to something else before finishing it. Even if I lose the connection, what I've written and pictures I've pulled into the blog are saved. I just don't know what I'm missing, but I have no trouble blogging if I can think of something to write about.

  4. When I saw your reference to I was excited. I have been trying to teach myself how to use HTML5 for the past week or so and thought that might help. Alas, I could find nothing.

    I know nothing about Open Live Writer, or Blogger, but have been using Open Office Writer for my 'blog' postings. I do the preliminary writing in Open Office then the final edit after I add it to my Home Page before posting. My site is 'home grown' and does not have all the bells and whistles of a Blogger or WordPress so that works well for me.