Friday, April 21, 2017

It was good

Worth the $6 anyway.  We came back to the park and ate at the picnic table between our rigs.  It would have been better immediately as it would have been hot.  This being NM it was served with the green chilies.

On the way back we drove through the Flying J so I know where the RV pumps are.  It will be my first time getting gas by myself, as I got here on 3/4 of the tank I got earlier when Jim taught me to drive this rig.

Tomorrow is fix the front grill ( I foresee plastic wire ties...) and clean the windshield.  I'm pondering whether to drive straight back or stop somewhere.  It is hot in the valley, but I want to get back to the car.  Getting a tow dolly is higher on the list now having spent the week without transportation.  I may stay the night at the Walmart in Payson, but probably not.


  1. It is hard travelling without a tow vehicle. I din't like the tow dolly as it is heavy and awkward, but much less expensive than a tow bar for a flat towable care.

    1. Not so hard - I have managed to do it for 7 1/2 years.
      There are times I WANT one but always when I consider the cost I arrive at the decision that I don't NEED one.

  2. Having to have a second motorized vehicle wasn't too appealing to us so that's why we went with the 5th.
    If you are not used to eating too much meat you might cut that in half for two meals.
    Like your mom be sure to take your meds.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.