Four Peaks in snow

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weird Vegetable Challenge

Before heading over here I went to Ranch Market in Mesa and got a large (for me) selection of vegetables.  What with all the socializing I hadn't cooked any of them.  Today FZ and I decided to cook.  She took a couple of the yams and a large parsnip and I tackled the yellow squash.  We were each cooking something we had never cooked before.  Turns out she doesn't like the sweetness of yams and in Germany where she is from parsnips are eaten raw.  She  cubed and roasted them and did some kind of bassalmic vinigar (can't get close enough to the spelling for spell check to help me) spice simmer to cut the sweetness.  It was good, different taste profile from my usual.  I did my normal coconut oil, onion, garlic and whatever veggie I have goes into the skillet.  I had the sprouts I'd started last week and I had not figured out how to use them, so they went in as well.  Turned out ok.  At least I know I can toss sprouted lentils and small beans into a skillet of stuff and they will cook enough to eat.

Other than laundry I'm not doing anything else other than lounging around.  I haven't had the air-conditioning on since I got here.  Mom said it was supposed to top 100* back in the valley.  I'm due to be back there for a week before I move up to Payson.  We'll see if I make it that long.


  1. I love sweet potatoes...and we just had parsnips for Easter...glazed...they were nice...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Always nice tasty new foods, and cooking styles.

  3. I have never cared for sweet potatoes, but I sure love white potatoes and most green leafy vegetables.

  4. I like yams but not a fan of parsnips. It is hot down here. Hard to move in the heat but we're working on it.