Friday, September 13, 2019

Temps are dropping!

I am waking up.  I went down to the Valley yesterday since I was very bored.  My "excuse" was that I need coffee, in a week or so, and I drink coffee I buy at Costco.  So, I needed to drive 75 miles one-way to get a can.  Yeah, I was bored.  I get into trouble when I'm bored.  So, I figured it was the lesser of a couple of evils. 

While I was down there I stopped in and visited with Jim and Sandie Dixon.  Jim is looking almost back to normal, although he is too skinny.  He is talking about going fishing again now, once it cools down, so he is almost back to his old self.  He is amazing.  Sandie is not called the group's Social Director for nothing.  While talking about how I want to get out and see some of the things there are to see in the Phoenix area this winter, she started asking where I want to go.  The upshot is that she is now tasked with figuring out the logistics for her and I (and Jim if he wants to join us) to tour around Phoenix and surrounding towns.  My small red car is easier to get into places and park than Jim's big truck so after November 1 when I move back down there it is all systems Go!

I have been waffling on what I want to do for a trip during the rest of September and October.  I have a trip to Moab scheduled with an expensive (relative to my usual mode) campground reservation for me and the car the last week of September.  I also want to get back to the area around Albuquerque and Santa Fe that I drove through this summer on my trip.  Sandie has the first couple of days of my trip East penciled out.  My job is to get my act together and get on the road and learn to travel slowly and stop and see the areas I'm traveling through.  I was going to cancel the Moab trip.  It will be a lot to do to do both.  At any rate, my current to-do list is to be ready to head somewhere by Monday.  Laundry and packing the car are the main items.  My neighbor will take care of Bosley (he like Bosley more than he likes me which works for me...).  I'll also clean the place since someone other than Bosley and I will be here.

The sorting and getting rid of stuff continues.  I took a load of EMPTY storage totes up to Mike this week.  The small storage unit is mostly filled with these empty totes.  I plan to be out of the small unit by the time I leave for the Valley.  I have an on-going box of stuff to donate, and I am even trashing some things.  One of the (sob!) things today is a couple of 8" floppy disks that are Digital Research CP/M x86 disks.  I think they might be worth something.  To someone.  But I don't want to take the time to research.  I may donate them, actually, now that I ponder it.  Maybe someone will buy them.  Earlier this week several disks of various types of media with Windows 95, 98, Office 2000, and a lot of Dell computer setup disks hit the trash.  I used to be a Dell service tech, so a lot of work disks also were trashed.  Progress?

I made a comment to someone on an online forum I read, forgetting that the link to this blog is in my signature line.  He responded that he had spent time reading the blog.  I always find my heart stops for a split second when my worlds collide like that.  It had me going back yet again to read some of my past entries.  It also had me re-reading some comments.  The folks who have commented here are greatly appreciated and I'm amazed at some who seem to stick with me even when I am (usually) boring.

Sandie Dixon is going to 'help' me work through a project to go to National Monuments and take photos and make blog posts.  I may have some interesting things to blog about.  I'm sure she will keep me 'encouraged' so I don't get too bored in the next year.


  1. Nice that you got to visit with Sandy and Jim again , such super people, And I am sure she will be keeping you busy and out of trouble,

  2. Great that you're getting out to see places.
    Teach me how..??

  3. Sounds like you will be busy. Sandie will keep you going in the right direction.

  4. Life is not boring. So, you're not boring when you blog about anything that comes to mind.