Monday, March 07, 2022

Continuing on

 Later today I'll again go back up to Mom's RV to continue clearing it out.  I'm giving myself 2 months.  If it doesn't take that long, great.  It is for sale.  The primary thing that I think will sell it is the lot it is on.  It is the cheapest place to live in the area, as well as being a nice park.

There is a park wide patio sale here in my park in the Valley next Saturday.  My original plan was to get rid of much of my own excess stuff in the sale, but first losing Jim Dixon, then my Mom put my plans in disarray.  I decided yesterday that I'm not going to deal with the stress.  I wouldn't get that much money from it, and I'll just donate the vast majority of both of our possessions.  Yesterday one of the guys here mentioned he is looking for a counter top oven.  Happens that I have one to get rid of, just needs a new cord.  I even had the cord to put on it.  Callie chewed the original one when I set the oven down while moving between motorhomes last summer, while it wasn't plugged in.  This has bothered me since that happened, one of the many background 'things to do'.  I offered the oven to him.  When he picked it up, along with the new cord, he looked it over and handed me $10, knowing he didn't have to.  Universe saying I made the right decision to not sweat trying to optimize this process for money.

My name was already on Mom's accounts, the funeral home in MO is taking care of Mom's ashes till I get out there, probably Memorial Day weekend, so all I need to do is this clearing out of her RV and selling it.  Selling the car is already taken care of once I clean it out.  She made it as easy on me as possible.

One thing I do have to do is change my permanent address.  As a snowbird/nomad I don't really have a permanent home.  I have used her address since I retired.  I'll change it hopefully next week.  I have an option to move my address to the Flagstaff area.  I go up there on a semi-regular basis to see friends, and for just money a forwarding service will forward my mail to me the rest of the time.  Probably.  That is what I did when I lived in WA and then moved to Honduras.  I just need to find a mail forwarding service up there.  A popular saying that I believe is that if money will solve it, it isn't really a problem.


  1. I have had an Escapees address for over 25 years now and use them for mail forwarding also. I have had zero trouble with it in that time.

  2. I like your a saying. Hope all goes well with the removal of possessions. I will be in Apache Junction area tomorrow if you need help.

  3. As always I am behind. So sorry to read that your mom had died. It is never easy to lose a parent I do not care how old we are or they are they take a part of our heart with them. Though they, also, leave a part of theirs with us and that love never dies it is in all the wonderful memories we carry in our heart. A great decision to not do things that will make this time anymore stressful and to give yourself plenty of time to do what needs to be done. Hugs.

  4. I know this is an old post, but year's ago there used to be a youth group connected to the LDS church in Mesa that would put on a yard sale for a percentage. I don't know if they still do it. Worth a try.