Monday, December 19, 2022

So, Hi

 I haven't been in a writing mood, obviously.  I seem to have lost my Blogger voice.  

There have been a lot of internal changes, not so many noticeable outside ones.  I'm still in the (second) Class A, still bouncing from the winter spot and the summer spot.  Next winter I plan to move to Quartzsite.  I found a nice RV park, since I have lost hope that this RV will ever be comfortable to boondock in.  Hopefully in the spring when I call to give a deposit they will have an opening for next winter.  Summer spot seems secure at this point.

One reason for the changes is that now that Mom has passed I don't have limits on where I spend my time.  I tried to stay within an hour of her while she was here.  Now, I can move to Q.  I also just experienced my friend and neighbor behind my spot here in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ pass.  He went quickly from previously undiagnosed (ignored...) leukemia.  His trailer sold, and a different RV is in the spot as of today.  Ultimately all good, but I'm getting a bit rattled with all the change.

I do plan on being at La Posa South on the proper day for Bloggerfest.  I'll check my past blogs to get that right this year.  I've already been over to visit friends who are camping there so it is an excuse to see them as well.

Hopefully I'll find my voice again and post more.  

PS:  Does January 28 sound right?


  1. Just in case you want to know, I am one of your regular readers and enjoy your posts as I find them well worth reading. Every night is not quite my style but I do catch up frequently. Enjoy your new lifestyle.

  2. Glad you're back, hopefully for awhile. I oughta update my old blog someday. Garden was mostly a failure due to overly hot early summer and hungry grasshoppers. Might revert back to indoor grow light kale and lettuce.
    A glacier is forecast for us. 8 degrees coming Friday AM.
    Winterizing ain't fun, but necessary. Keep these updates rolling if you can..??

  3. Nice to see you stick your head up to check in. I know how difficult it is when not all that much is happening that we feel comfortable reporting. Boondocking in other than perfect weather is difficult, I have done it for short periods but the need for either heat or air conditioning drives us back to "civilization". I am sure you will still experience the atmosphere of Q while living comfortably with all the conveniences.