Sunday, August 06, 2006


I feel like I am truly on the cusp of change. Part of it is that I am nearing that fork that will determine my health for the latter part of my life. I need to get my act together, and soon. I also need to move out of this rut I'm in. Time to either move into the new house or get rid of it. Whatever way selling this current house goes next week, if she buys it or not, it is going to be sold by the end of September. I will call the 'we buy ugly houses' folks if necessary.

It is also time to seek out some more friends. I need to find folks to hang with occasionally. I was talking to someone from the geek group last night on the computer and he made a comment that had me wondering 'why am I even trying to talk to this guy?' I have made some friends in the group and I'll try hard to hang on to them. I'm not going to boycott any meetings or anything, but I need to find more folks who enjoy the things I do, and then I need to start getting out and doing more enjoyable things. I also need to start enjoying the process of converting the new house. This geek group of folks aren't into a lot of home remodeling, which is fine. There are those who are and I need to find someone who enjoys talking about the process and such to help me stay motivated. As the geek group moves into the house buying stages of their lives, they will change, too.

That said, I will now get up, eat some breakfast, get dressed and start the process of engaging in my life again.

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  1. I hope the house thing comes together "toot sweet". The waiting and wondering is awfully stressful.

    Interesting info about the chiggers. One of the things I console myself with living up here is that we don't have a big problem with obnoxious insects apart from the mosquitoes. Well, we have things that will eat your plants, but not too much to drive you mad with itching.