Thursday, August 03, 2006

Quick News

The realtor called me this morning. As it happened the phone rang just as a co-worker asked if I'd sold my house yet. I looked at the caller ID and say "Maybe..." and was laughing when I answered. Turned out the realtor wanted to show the house at 6 this evening. Well, I had left the house in sort of clean shape, but there was cat food on the kitchen floor, the cat box hadn't been scooped, and I have these CSA vegetables all over my counters. In other words, not too bad but not really show ready. But, I don't say no, so I warned him and said go ahead. Well, seems that she (it's a mother and 2 children) loved the house and wants it. The realtor is having his financial guy work with her before they even make an offer. I may know by Wednesday if she will be able to afford the house or not. I know what I am willing to settle for. I am not counting on any money till we actually close. This means that when I move into the new house it will be in about the same shape it is now. Which is to say, not considered exactly livable by anyone but me who is used to camping.

Oh, and an update on Chiggers. I went out and did some study on the internet, and found out that I knew nothing right about chiggers. First off, they are a mite, and the larval stage is what causes the problems. They have 6 legs and are related to spiders. They DO NOT burrow into the skin. In fact by the time the itching starts they are usually long gone. Seems that the showers I was taking was the most helpful part of my regime. The nail polish was noted as possibly easing some of the itching, and it was also noted that clear polish works fine. I have heard that some folks tell those who don't know any better 'oh, it has to be red polish, the brightest you can find, something in the dye...' then laugh as the poor person not only itches but also is covered by splotches of red nail polish. My own bites seem to be increasing daily, and covering more of my body. Luckily they don't itch much during the day. When the itching gets too bad for me to stand at night I put on lots of lotion hoping the oil in the lotion will block some of the air and make the itching stop. My studies said that this could go on for over a week. sigh.

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