Four Peaks in snow

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back On Straight?

I think my head is back on straight now. I started reading Michelle's trail journal, her year of preparation to hike the trail. Reading the preparation phase didn't depress me like reading about the folks who are actually starting their hikes now. She is going through finding answers to some of the same questions I am. Some of her answers are not the same as mine, but the process is interesting to read about. I no longer feel like my world is starting to tilt. Funny how some little thing makes that much difference. When the student is ready, and all that.

I am back to realizing that what is going on now is all part of the journey. And, I should enjoy the journey as it unfolds, wherever I happen to be in the process at the moment. The log jam has broken loose, and energy is flowing again.

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