Four Peaks in snow

Friday, March 07, 2008


I am on the way to bed. I remembered that I said I need to start updating this journal regularly. So, here I am, trying to write coherent sentences instead of snuggling down in the waterbed.

I've been dehydrated lately. I've downed a bottle of water, and I still feel parched. This past weekend on the trip I let myself get really dehydrated, and again told myself that I need to stop that. I don't know if I'm getting worse at taking care of myself or if the consequences just hit harder now than they used to.

Tomorrow and Sunday are my days to get ready to be gone for 3 weeks again. I planned to be further along in the process, but I always plan to be further along than I am. This is one reason I'm trying to simplify and get rid of stuff and processes and whatever it is that seems to take away my energy and keeps me feeling like I'm always behind. I'll hit it again tomorrow.

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