Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mixed Day

That bar-b-que we had last night worked a number on me. It was awesome while eating it, but was a bit spicy for me after not eating much at all during the day. Also more meat than I usually eat. I was up in the bathroom at 3am for a half hour, in so much pain I actually had tears falling down my face. I made it to work today, felt almost human (almost...) after a shower. I was a zombie for most of the morning, and got confused a bit. It all worked out. I feel a bit better, but my body is sore and my stomach muscles hurt when I move, or even when I don't move sometimes. I have yogurt and maybe some fruit for dinner here in the room.

Shiloh called me when he started down from Springer to start his AT thru-hike today. I was looking out over desert at the snow-capped mountains myself while we talked. I wish him well on his hike. Zak has checked in, and Cannibal checked in a few days ago. Zak is going slow and enjoying himself, which is funny 'cause he's the young speed demon usually. Cannibal prepared endlessly for a year, and had equipment, weather, and knee problems. It is kinda nice that, for whatever reason, they are going slower than they planned here at the beginning.

I still feel under the weather, so it will be an early night. Scott, the other IT person who is evaluating me is even sicker than I am, which makes me feel a bit better (yes, I told him that). It would be easy for others to put this down to nerves on my part otherwise. Really, I'm not that nervous. Having Scott sick, too, puts my being slow in more perspective. I hope.

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