Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feeling Guilty

I have meant to catch this journal up. Really. I did some cool hiking in Santa Fe. Went to Bandelier National Monument and saw some neat cliff dwellings, then went to Los Alamos and saw part of the Science Museum. Only part because it was almost closing time by then. Next day we went to Tent Rocks National Monument, which is about half-way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Really cool area, and we hiked for about 4 hours. Next day Mike and I went to the casino. We were walking out about $40 down each when I realized it was near a drawing time. We went back and waited for the drawing, and Mike won $100. I went back to the casino one night the next week, and ended up $90 overall.

Since I've been home, I haven't done much here. I did meet Shiloh in Gatlinburg last weekend. We had 3 days of really neat time together. I had hoped to go to Hot Springs and meet him there for the Hang-Out at the end of this month. On Tuesday I found out that I'm headed to Michigan for 3 weeks, leaving this Monday. Since then I've spent my time at work and at home getting things ready to head out again. This was my last time to easily spend time with Shiloh until he finishes his hike, probably in September or early October. There are some good reasons why this is not all bad. We both have agendas that we need to tend to between now and then. I just wish we could see each other again sooner. They say things just tend to work out on the trail, so I'm holding out that something unforeseen will happen (only good things!) and all will be well.

I'm hoping to get more into the habit of writing here. Life has sped up, so there is no reason I can't jot something down on a regular basis.

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