Monday, April 14, 2008

Off Again

I'm in my motel room, this time in Lansing, Michigan. Tomorrow we inventory equipment and set up my classroom, then it's teaching the class again. I wasn't excited about leaving home this time for some reason. At this point it is just a job. I do think that it is the job I said I wanted, with the travel. And I do enjoy the travel. Lansing wasn't on my list of must-see places, but oh well.

I had a bad headache all afternoon. It is finally gone. I am unpacked. Next to get my equipment in order. I looked in on the pool and 'spa', which is a hot tub. For the first time traveling for work, this one looks clean enough to get into. I did bring my swim suit. We'll see. My room is nice, full kitchen and such.

So, I can tell already I'll be more than ready to head home before the 3 weeks is up. Heck, I was ready to head back as soon as I was at the Lansing airport. For some reason, Lansing from the air just didn't trip my trigger. Guess I got spoiled by all the fantastic scenery around Santa Fe.

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