Four Peaks in snow

Saturday, April 12, 2008


With the prospect of Nancye heading here tomorrow to borrow my hammock (since I'm going to be gone and not going to the hang-out like I had planned... sigh...), I am actually cleaning house. I had not started any of my projects this week after learning that I'm headed out again for work so soon. However, if I can get the house cleaned and get packed today, perhaps we can actually sew us some hammocks tomorrow when she is here. I have some ideas about how to do the bug net hammock sock, but no bug netting yet to make it with. However, if we can just get the hammocks sewn, that will be progress.

I have a name of a guy to contact to fix the driveway. It is getting impassable. My neighbors who live past me and also use the driveway are rutting it out by driving around the waterholes instead of just through them. This is making them even bigger. They aren't deep, and if they would just drive through them... sigh again... Actually, he has my name to contact me. It will be a month till he can work on the drive, according to the mutual friend who has recommended him. At any rate, I want to schedule it and start saving money for it.

Shiloh is in Hot Springs, NC this weekend. He's starting to talk about wanting to make miles on the trail and so isn't taking a zero. I don't want to make him feel like he needs to hurry. A week or two one way or the other when we are talking 5 months isn't going to make that much of a difference. I will take some days and meet him in Virginia when I get back, hopefully.

Back to housecleaning.

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