Monday, April 04, 2011

Old Habits and Old Clocks

>Down here we don't observe Daylight Savings Time. So, I had to un-set all my automatic clocks (mostly on my computers)  when everyone else up in the US went to DST a few weeks ago. I have one old alarm clock that I really like, have had it for 20 years, and the only issue with it is that it is hard programmed for the old DST weekends. It's made me late for work a couple of years when I wasn't expecting it to change and it did.

Well, I'm ready for work an hour early today because it got me again. I didn't look at another clock until I wondered why my 6 am alarm on my watch to warn me I'm running out of time in the morning hadn't gone off at it's regular place in my routine.  Guess I should start working on my excuse for the other end of this fiasco when it makes me late an hour. How many years has it been since they changed the dates? And for no good reason... And I don't even live where we observe DST anymore!!!


  1. Wait a minute!! You've had that clock 20 years and KNOW that it does that time change? And you didn't reset it in the first place?

    Your Blond is showing!!! :-)

  2. Daylight savings time is stupid. If they want people to go to work earlier, just go earlier. Yes, I know they did it during the war so farmers could work in the factories and still have more light left at the end of the day for their work, but why not just change the schedule. Heck, the cows don't change. Arizona and Indiana don't use it.

  3. DD: Indiana caved and now observes it. I grew up in Indiana, and was proud that they were one of the few states that had some clue about reality. I left and they folded.

  4. I found your blog some time ago but only recently started reading from its beginning. I have finally reached the point where you have moved to Honduras (that is what originally captured my attention) and were experiencing many of the same things that I did.

    If you want to see what I wrote go to my web page and then select Bulgaria or Japan in the left hand column.

    I am enjoying my time in Honduras with you and may be current in a week or two - maybe.