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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Plastic Bottle Houses

Yeah, I've been not writing much. Saw this house on Lloyd's blog - - and really liked the link. The entire article is at . At the link are pictures of green houses, sheds, cisterns and houses built using plastic bottles much the same way that used tires are used in Earthship houses.

I saw my first bottle wall while watching Anmar build one of his cabins back in Indiana about 20 years ago. Later when I was reading all about PaperCrete I saw that they used a lot of bottle walls for decoration. Those were all made from glass wine bottles to add light and color as a part of the design plan. The houses in the link above use plastic bottles, some filled with sand, to make the body of the wall. If nothing else it keeps the bottles out of the waste stream. And, Lord knows we have plenty of plastic bottles floating around down here in Honduras.

Now that I've broken my silence maybe I'll start posting more regularly again.

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  1. Instead of using bags for the sand, plastic bottles are used, right? Would be nice if you could use cement or something strong enough to support the house and surround emptry plastic bottles with lids in place. Then they could be an insulation layer.